The development shall consist of the construction of 4 new 5-storey buildings accumulating of 146 apartments above a basement car park with 188 spaces, landscaping and ancillary works on a 11,680 sqm site. An ESB sub-station and Electrical Switch Room is proposed at ground floor level at the North West corner of the proposed site.

The key elements of the proposed development are as follows:

•         Enabling works on the site.

•         Earthwork: Excavation and filling of soil

•         Earthwork: Construction of foundations

•         Earthwork: Construction of basement and podium slab.

•         Excavations for drainage, watermains and utility services

•         The development includes all associated site development works, hard and soft landscaping and all other ancillary works

The development is proposed to be constructed on the following basis;

•         Set up site perimeter hoarding, maintaining existing pedestrian and traffic routes around the site;

•         Site Clearance;

•         Reduced Level excavations and foundations;

•         Construction of Basement and Podium Slab

•         Construct Building Frame and Envelope;

•         Finish Interior and Exterior Landscaping.