The proposed development is for a 263 bedroomed hotel arranged over six floors providing restaurant, bar, café and meeting room facilities at ground, and at a partial mezzanine, floor level. 

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The hotel will present an appropriately civic and vibrant frontage onto the Coombe at street level while retaining a more reserved expression at the upper bedroom floor levels. A basement, the remnant of a previously proposed and partially implemented residential scheme, covers approximately 60% of the site and provides visitor parking (23 no. spaces and 32 bicycle spaces), a gym for use by hotel residents, and ancillary spaces and plant is also included.


During excavatioin works a small Medieval settlement was found in the site.  There was a variety of domestic and industrial artifacts including:

  • 4 Post and Wattle dwellings thought to date from 980-1170 AD (most likely 12th Century)

  • 5 Post and Wattle “outhouses” thought to have been used to house animals

  • A variety of domestic and cultural items such as Leather shoes, a decorative pin, a key, a variety wooden spoons and pottery

  • And most significantly, a contemporary piece of slate with a graffiti style drawing of a man on a horse with birds above him.

CS Consulting are the Civil & Structural Engineers for the project and are also fulfilling the role of Ancillary Certifier for the Civil & Structural elements of the project. 

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