START DATE: TBC      FINISH DATE: TBC        CLIENT: Ronan Group Real Estate

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Construction of 2 no. 6 storey office buildings (with setback on 4th and 5th Floor) over three levels of basement with office accomodation at upper basement level and parking and ancillary facilities at lower basement level. The total area is approximately 563,000 sq.ft. The works involve the demolition of the four empty office blocks at the front of the AIB Bank Centre campus. Works to the existing central plaza include its lowering to upper basement level, new access steps, planting, water features and hard and soft landscaping. CS Consulting Group are the Civil & Structural Engineers for the project and are also fulfilling the role of Ancillary Certifier for the Civil & Structural elements of the project..

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The floor plate of this building utilises spans of up to a staggering 14 metres leaving a clean open plan space within the main office areas.Post tensioned floor slabs are being used to achieve this very large open structure whilst reducing the slab depth and the overall weight of the entire building, yielding large cost savings on the cost of the superstructure and foundations.

The building is set to achieve at least a LEED Gold Rating and all credits associated with demolition, site location and materials used on the project are achieving the optimum in credit score available from a Civil and Structural perspective. Surface water attenuation and rainwater harvesting are also built in design features associated with the best design in sustainability.


The inclusion of a proposal to use secant pile walls to support the excavation during construction of the building allowed for these works to take place as exempt development and without the need to submit a commencement notice or have obtained a fire safety certificate. This has knocked approximately 3 months off the overall construction programme which is a huge commercial advantage to the project being launched to the market at the earliest opportunity.

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Detailed structural supports are to be provided to the building envelope cladding without the need for costly and time consuming down stand beams. Works are taking place immediately adjacent to the busy RDS & AIB Bank Centre on Merrion Road resulting in strict control of construction activities, particularly with respect to noise and vibration. Planning Permission has been granted by Dublin City Council with Detailed Tender Design in Progress