START DATE: Q4 - 2016   FINISH DATE: Q1 - 2019    CLIENT: Ronan Group Real Estate

Spencer 3.PNG

Ronan Group Real Estate propose a Mixed-use Development consisting of 66,599 sq m (717,000 sq ft) of space, which upon completion will include a 212-bed hotel, restaurant and retail units and 46,184 sq m (500,000sq ft) of LEED platinum-rated office accommodations in separate blocks over a common 3-storey basement. The development also includes the refurbishment & adaptive re-use of the existing British Rail Hotel Building - A protected structure.

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Spencer Place will strive to achieve a LEED platinum rating and will include a seven-storey glazed atrium wider than Grafton Street, three storeys of internal landscaped garden and breakout areas, 1,000 bike parking spaces, a 10,000 sq ft gym, a hotel, best-in-class retail space, bars & restaurants and a stunning 7.0 metre 5 storey cantilever office floor plate .