The Port of Tilbury is located on the River Thames at Tilbury in Essex, England. It is the principal port for London, as well as being the main United Kingdom port for handling the importation of paper. There are extensive facilities for containers, grain, and other bulk cargoes. There are also facilities for the importation of cars. It forms part of the wider Port of London.


The Docklands area is the principle port for London and mainly of land that was reclaimed form the Thames Estuary in the 1960s.


 CS Consulting were involved in the structural foundations works for a recycling centre for SITA UK in Tilbury Docks, Essex. The works involved different foundations solutions to suit the loading conditions and the varying ground conditions. Geotechnical testing was carried out to assess the past ground settlement and future settlement. A number of sections of the plant were suitable for founding on pad footings bearing on previous compressed and settled ground. Larger plant and storage units required piled foundations due to the excessive settlement that was projected on the reclaimed ground. The project has been completed and the plant is now operational.